Regular visits to your pet clinic are not only important; as pet owners, it is our responsibility and obligation to ensure the health of our pets through regular visits to a qualified pet clinic. 

 Why do I need to take my pet to the Vet regularly?

 Most of the time like us humans, we take our pets to the Vet when there are already apparent signs, when our pets are already too sick, only then we decide to take them to the Vet. In cases where we don t see visible signs, pet doctors can spot if something is wrong with your pet. Regular visits help vets assess how your pet is progressing in life and if they may have picked up underlying conditions. 

 Below are factors that explain the reason why we need to follow regular appointment schedules with our Vet.

 Pet’s Age is a significant factor for their overall health.

 If you have a new kitten or puppy? Making that first trip to places like the Veterinary Services, in Qld is an important milestone. Your pet doctor can conduct diagnostic exams like blood tests and other tests necessary to gauge a pet’s health, signs of illness or disorder, and establish baseline laboratory values. These are all required procedures to develop what would be healthy for your pet and what they can tolerate.

Your veterinarian can then administer medical procedures like vaccines, routine spay or neuter, and other medical procedures to protect your pets from parasites, tick, flea-borne diseases, and others.

 As for aging/senior pets, all the more that you need to have regular visits to your Vet. Possible changes in diet, slowing down or even prevention of geriatric related diseases, and the important twice a year physical and blood tests. A slight limp and a lump there could mean something is developing in your pet. A small change in glucose levels could be an indication of diabetes or arthritis.

 Post- Operative Appointments

 After a surgical operation, it is essential to keep up with the vet clinic’s appointment schedule. Vet Surgery is a delicate procedure that is why we want to make sure your pet is healing and recovering properly. Depending on the type of wound of your pet, it usually takes 10-12 days for a wound/laceration to heal, if you follow the doctor’s advice and appointments, your pet will be okay.

 Regular pet clinic visits will not only guarantee that they stay healthy. You can also avoid situations wherein you may need to call for an animal emergency in Brisbane or nearby areas because your pet needs urgent care. 

 When you have a pet, regular vet checkups should be a priority. At Yeronga Vet Surgery, you can expect the highest level of pet care, and we treat your pet as if it were our own.

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