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Pet Separation Anxiety and How Yeronga Accommodation can help you

Pet Separation Anxiety and How Yeronga Accommodation can help you

Are you traveling for the holidays? Going out of town can be something we can all be excited about. What about our pet/s? supposing it is a pet-less trip. We want someone to take care of our pets, how do we ensure this? These are questions that bother us, pet owners, not to mention our pet’s separation anxiety when we leave them to be cared for by another person or much more so when they are in a new environment.

Pet Separation Anxiety – is a condition of your pet wherein because they are heavily dependent on their owner/s, they end up becoming anxious and upset.

What is causing pet/s to have separation anxiety?

Below are several reasons that may cause separation for your pet/s:

  • Moving home
  • The loss of a family member, or even another pet
  • Being left alone frequently after getting used to constant contact with humans
  • A distressing experience the first time the dog was left alone
  • A change in routine

Signs that your pet is suffering from anxiety

  • Destructive behavior
  • Barking, whining and howling
  • Digging or scratching at doors, windows, and walls
  • Extreme panting and salivating
  • Pooping/peeing at unusual spots in the house

What can we do to control or even stop pet separation anxiety?

  • Alter your routine when you leave the house – use the back door when you go out, giving treats could also prevent the dog from separation anxiety. It is essential to stop your pet’s association of your actions (leaving) that causes stress.
  • Never say hello and goodbye – saying goodbye when you leave or hello when you arrive only reinforces your pet’s fear of your absence.
  • Walk or exercise your dog before leaving – tired dogs become calm; they might even be hungry or might want to sleep.
  • Hire a Pet Sitter who can stay in your house – is this possible? Good thing if this pet sitter is a close relative or someone reliable to take on daily pet duties. It’s as if the owner/s hasn’t left at all.
  • You can also avail of the services of-5 Star Pet Hotels or Resort like the Samford Pet Resort. In essence, these are facilities that provide quality bedding, spacious rooms and yards, and numerous exercise time monitored by pet-loving professionals. Staff will follow your instructions on pet feeding, medication and pet resort/hotel also offers and playtime by group or by individual

These are some of the best tips; you could take your vacation and enjoy to the fullest and have that peace of mind. When you come back, your pet will be as healthy and as happy as if you never left. Choosing the right pet resort or Kennel boarding together with the self-help management techniques lessens and even eliminate pet separation anxiety. If you need more information on pet accommodation, please contact Yeronga Vet for advice.

Author: DevAccount

I have been a patient of Yeronga Vet Clinic for over 20 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr Lisca and the team are second to none. Recently my 3 year old Labradoodle Daisy ruptured her cruciate ligament and underwent surgery. The professionalism and care Daisy received was top class. I would recommend Yeronga Vet Clinic to anyone looking for a great vet service for their fur baby.

We first came to Yeronga Veterinary Surgery nearly 4 years ago, carrying our tiny black Labrador puppy Delilah in, hoping to find some guidance and caring attention, and just a little bit of shared dog-madness. Well, we were in luck, and we have never looked back. The team at Yeronga Vet Surgery have been nothing short of exceptional at every step of our journey with them. From the basics of preventative care to important surgeries (and the odd mini-emergency thanks to our hungry labradors…) everyone has been both professional and welcoming, and more importantly, extremely good at their jobs! I am constantly blown away by the care and attention we receive, and the fact that our dogs cry with excitement when we pull into the street says it all. We’ve never had dogs who are so excited to visit the vet. We can’t recommend the team highly enough – they are exceptional.

Hi there puny human my name is Bastet. Here is a picture of me in all my glory to help your feeble human brain rest for a moment so I don’t pile on to much information at once. Ready? Nevermind let’s continue. Every few months my manservant deems it necessary to verify the divinity of close personal friend Zeus and myself, here is picture of us looking regal. I know you’re thinking “They are clearly perfect why would he waste their time.” and the answer is frankly he’s not very bright but means well so we indulge him. One thing we demand in return is that he takes us to the Yeronga Vet Surgery where we know we will be shown the respect and deference as befits ones such as us. So if you must interrupt the napping, playing or eating of your betters take them to Yeronga Vet Surgery.

Yeronga Vet have alway been wonderful in their professionalism and care over the years for those furrier members of the family, adding a healthy dose of genuine sympathy for those less routine difficult visits.