I joined the Yeronga Vet Surgeons team in 2011, I was only working Saturdays as I was a full time Mother. In 2014 I started working part time. I really love our clients and patients, as when they come in they always have amazing stories of courage, bravery, honour and love. They each have unique stories!

As a Veterinarian we are always learning new things every day, whether it be surgical or medical. I find every aspect of vet science interesting and enjoy every part of it! This is way I have not gone down the path of specialising in a particular part of vet science.

As my passion is for the love of animals, I have many of my own at home who keep me busy when I’m not at work. Elton is an eleven year old Abyssinian, he gets to do his own thing throughout the day, but loves to pick fight with Roger. Roger is a two year old Boxer, he loves to play and enjoys long walks along the beach. I also have chooks, their names are Cherry, Snowy and Batman and they love dirt baths. After caring for the animals I also enjoy my hobbies, cooking, diving, yoga and music.

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