I graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997, and started out my veterinary career in a specialist bird clinic. I then headed overseas and worked as a vet locum in the UK for 18 months, where I became acquainted with all manner of small furry critters, such as hamsters, chinchillas and rabbits.
After having my own family, I returned to part time work at Yeronga Vet Surgery in 2014. I love the variety of things we get to see as a veterinarian: A day can jump from a skin consult on a rat, to a dental on a cat in the space of minutes! There’s always something to keep our minds busy and engaged. I enjoy both the jigsaw puzzle of a complicated medical case and hands on surgical cases.

As well as my human family, my fur family is made up of Annie the elderly border terrier and Squirrel and Pippin, two delightful ‘ferals’ that came into the clinic as strays and we rehomed through the cat adoption program.

Outside the clinic, my passions involve keeping fit, camping, bushwalking and cycling outdoors, and music, reading, cooking and needlepoint at home.

We have an amazing team at Yeronga Vet Surgery, and absolutely wonderful clients. It is fantastic to work with beautiful patients and committed owners to get the best outcome for their pets.

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