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What are the benefits of a Hydrobath?

What are the benefits of a Hydrobath?

Hydrobath is a combination of bathtub and power bather that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. This pump produces a high-volume mix of water and shampoo delivered powerfully enough to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gentle enough to massage the skin. This is a spa bath with health benefits, not only does it relax and pamper your dog with its massaging effect, but it can also provide health benefits and promote the well-being of your dog.

The hydrobath sprays pressurized warm freshwater and shampoo through the pooch’s coat. The showerhead provides an invigorating massage that gets into the dog’s coat. With an inbuilt heating system, it can supply adjustable temperature cold or hot water, depending on the season and requirement of each dog.

The spray head produces a unique hydro-combing action that massages and stimulates the skin, improving blood circulation and tired muscles. Water penetrates the coat getting right to the skin removing dry dead skin cells, embedded flea eggs and other materials that can be hidden and hard to get rid of, especially for dogs with longer and thicker coats.

Unlike regular hand washing, the hydrobath has the clinical solutions added to the water which has been designed specifically to treat, cleaning your dog, especially in cases with skin conditions or allergies. This mix of water and solutions penetrate directly into your dog’s coat and onto the skin where most of the problems occur. Some of the benefits of a Hydrobath for your pet are:

– Helps cure or prevent skin infections
– Kills fleas or other parasites
– open the pores of the dog’s skin releasing the dead hair, helps in reduction of the dreaded shedding
– beneficial for older dogs’ conditions such as arthritis by helping to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with the condition
Hydro baths when used correctly achieve great results in preventing and helping to cure skin disorders and promoting hair growth.

Dogs who spend most of their time indoors will not need much bathing, while dogs who are outside a lot tend to need to be bathed more often. Also, some dogs’ coats will accumulate grease and oil more quickly than others. To keep your dog free of irritation, make sure you use a dog-specific shampoo. As for Hydrobathing, it would depend on your dog’s skin condition.

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I have been a patient of Yeronga Vet Clinic for over 20 years and wouldn’t go anywhere else. Dr Lisca and the team are second to none. Recently my 3 year old Labradoodle Daisy ruptured her cruciate ligament and underwent surgery. The professionalism and care Daisy received was top class. I would recommend Yeronga Vet Clinic to anyone looking for a great vet service for their fur baby.

We first came to Yeronga Veterinary Surgery nearly 4 years ago, carrying our tiny black Labrador puppy Delilah in, hoping to find some guidance and caring attention, and just a little bit of shared dog-madness. Well, we were in luck, and we have never looked back. The team at Yeronga Vet Surgery have been nothing short of exceptional at every step of our journey with them. From the basics of preventative care to important surgeries (and the odd mini-emergency thanks to our hungry labradors…) everyone has been both professional and welcoming, and more importantly, extremely good at their jobs! I am constantly blown away by the care and attention we receive, and the fact that our dogs cry with excitement when we pull into the street says it all. We’ve never had dogs who are so excited to visit the vet. We can’t recommend the team highly enough – they are exceptional.

Hi there puny human my name is Bastet. Here is a picture of me in all my glory to help your feeble human brain rest for a moment so I don’t pile on to much information at once. Ready? Nevermind let’s continue. Every few months my manservant deems it necessary to verify the divinity of close personal friend Zeus and myself, here is picture of us looking regal. I know you’re thinking “They are clearly perfect why would he waste their time.” and the answer is frankly he’s not very bright but means well so we indulge him. One thing we demand in return is that he takes us to the Yeronga Vet Surgery where we know we will be shown the respect and deference as befits ones such as us. So if you must interrupt the napping, playing or eating of your betters take them to Yeronga Vet Surgery.

Yeronga Vet have alway been wonderful in their professionalism and care over the years for those furrier members of the family, adding a healthy dose of genuine sympathy for those less routine difficult visits.