Knowing what to do when your pet is injured is a skill both pet owners and even vet industry expert’s must have. Veterinary services like Yeronga Vet have trained personnel to treat pets that have an injury if pet owners do not have any training on how to handle injured pets.You can always coordinate with your animal emergency services vet in your area as to first aid training and coordination in cases where urgent pet care is needed because of injury.

 When handling an injured pet, always keep in mind that your pet is in pain, confused, and scared. Never forget to be cautious since they can bite or scratch you.

 These are essentials tips for basic handling of injured pets:

  • · Always keep in mind that when a pet is hurt or injured can be unpredictable and dangerous. Never attempt to hug or comfort the pet as it might cause them more pain or aggravate the injury, keep a safe distance from its mouth.
  • Relax and focus, check your surroundings, make sure there are no aggressive dogs around, incoming traffic, or any obstructions between you and the injured pet.
  •  Don’t rush up to your pet; toss treats to draw the pet towards you. Approach your pet at an angle, your body to the side, never make eye to eye contact with your pet.
  • Slowly and gently approach your pet, check for any wounds, swelling, or lumps as it could be an indication of a fractured bone. Stop if your pet becomes agitated, call for help.

 Call underwood 24 hr vet or any veterinary clinic near you before you move your pet. Inform them of the extent of the injury so they can be advised and know what to do when they get there. They can also give guidance as to the correct handling of your pet.

 In cases when there is Bleeding:

  • Apply pressure to the wound with a gauze pad or any clean cloth with your hand to control the bleeding; you can do this for three straight mins.

In cases when there is Choking or obstruction on the airway:

  • This type of situation is an EMERGENCY, call for immediate assistance such as Underwood animal emergency centre; they are the trained experts to handle this kind of scenario. While waiting for help, you can check the tongue (assuming they are not aggressive) if you can see an object which is causing the obstruction? Try and remove it gently if possible. You can try the Heimlich Maneuver, but if you have no training, never attempt to do it as you might end up, causing more harm.

In cases when there is Fracture:

  • If you find a broken bone poking out, it is a good idea to place a splint or dress it. Rolled up newspapers or cardboard can be used as a splint. For motor vehicle accidents, animals usually fracture their pelvis; this needs extreme care when there is a need to move your pet. Use a sling to move/transfer or walk your pet. You can make an improvise sling by using a clean cloth, or a reusable shopping bag.

 To give immediate care to your injured pet is crucial at this point. Yeronga Vet and similar clinics provide comprehensive diagnostic examination and treatment for your injured pet. In cases when there is Fracture or internal injuries? Radiology exams are required. Experts of Radiology in Fairfield are the professionals that could accurately assess the extent of your pet’s damage.

Knowing how to handle an injured pet may save your pet’s life until he/she receives veterinary treatment. The critical aspect is being able to respond to and give appropriate treatment for various emergency scenarios.





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