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A vet surgery in Fairfield that truly cares

Yeronga Vet Surgery is family owned and run and dedicated to providing your pet with the happy, healthy life it deserves. Our veterinary team has over 40 years of experience and combined with the latest equipment and facilities, we are able to provide the best of veterinary care. We offer a full range of veterinary services and our friendly staff are always available to offer advice on all your pet care needs.

The surgery also uses computerised records and has the ability to store information regarding all aspects of your pet’s health, even down to their favourite food!

We also offer additional services such as free nutritional and general behavioural advice and our staff has an extensive knowledge on a wide range of pet care products.

Our staff is always on hand to offer friendly advice regarding all your pet care needs, such as worming and parasite control or just a yummy treat and a cuddle.

What We Do


At Yeronga Vet Surgery we have a purpose built theatre for sterile surgeries as well as a separate dental suite.


Consultations are available by Appointment for all pet health concerns.

Laser Therapy

Klaser therapy manages pain and inflammation while accelerating tissue regeneration. Drug Free, Surgery Free, Pain Free.


We have a fully equipped dental suite including Dental Radiography.

Radiology and Pathology

We offer Radiography and Ultrasonography.


Every Saturday we operate our Hydrobath for our canine customers!


At Yeronga vet surgery we believe nutrition is at the heart of your pets good health.

Cat & Dog Boarding

Our cattery is available 365 days of the year for either short or long stay accomodation for your feline friend.

Puppy School

Puppy School runs most Sundays and is a great way to learn how to best care for you new puppy and give them an opportunity to make new friends!

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Our Veterinarians

Dr Anita Bean BVSc Hons.
Dr Anita Bean BVSc Hons.
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Dr Anita Bean BVSc Hons.

I have been at Yeronga Vet Surgery since 2001 when I came back to work part time after having my first child. I am a longterm local having grown up in Fairfield and graduated from the UQ vet school, then based at St Lucia, in 1992. My first job was in a mixed, rural practice in Corowa NSW for several years before moving to England to locum and travel. My husband and I met in Chesterfield and made the decision to move back to Australia, and my family home, to raise our family.
In 2006, my husband Nigel and I the opportunity to buy the surgery in it’s original form, a tiny worker’s cottage where clients were sometimes able to peek their heads around our reception desk and see what was happening in surgery! Things have changed quite a lot since then as we’ve doubled the size of the building and grown our family of staff.

I enjoy all aspects of general practice, and am excited about the progress veterinary medicine is making allowing our pets to live longer, healthier lives!

I have always loved animals and currently have a stumpy tailed cattle dog, 3 cats, 2 horses, 4 chickens, a cockatiel and 2 goldfish.


Dr Georgina Lowson BVSc Hons.
Dr Georgina Lowson BVSc Hons.
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Dr Georgina Lowson BVSc Hons.

I graduated from University of Queensland School of Veterinary Science in 1996 with first class honours. Since graduating I have worked in many practices including a small animal/equine practice Victoria before traveling and working in Hong Kong and then the United Kingdom to work in small animal practice for many years. Upon return to Australia I worked as a locum in emergency practice at University of Melbourne and later a large inner city small animal practice in Melbourne before venturing back to Brisbane.
I have now worked at Yeronga Veterinary Surgery since 2012 and have had the privilege to work with a great team of vets, nurses and receptionists and other support staff to provide a high standard of care to the pet owning community.

Over the past 22 years I have continued with my education doing multiple Sydney University distance post graduate courses in small animal internal medicine, small animal surgery and most recently thoracic and abdominal radiology. I have also done many smaller courses, conferences and seminars in small animal anaesthetics, analgesia, trauma, emergency medicine and dentistry just to name a few, to keep my knowledge and skills up to date.

Outside of work I am kept very busy with my husband and 2 daughters often enjoying various equestrian pursuits the hobby we all share. We also enjoy being active outdoors bushwalking and camping when we can. As far as our extended family goes we adopted two kittens through the Yeronga Kitten Adoption program and have named them Jemima and Tiddles and of course our 3 horses Dash, Sassy and Archie.

I look forward to meeting you at the clinic and working with you to keep your pets as healthy as possible so they can enjoy a high quality of life.


Dr Lisca Martinez BVSc
Dr Lisca Martinez BVSc
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Dr Lisca Martinez BVSc

I joined the Yeronga Vet Surgeons team in 2011, I was only working Saturdays as I was a full time Mother. In 2014 I started working part time. I really love our clients and patients, as when they come in they always have amazing stories of courage, bravery, honour and love. They each have unique stories!

As a Veterinarian we are always learning new things every day, whether it be surgical or medical. I find every aspect of vet science interesting and enjoy every part of it! This is way I have not gone down the path of specialising in a particular part of vet science.

As my passion is for the love of animals, I have many of my own at home who keep me busy when I’m not at work. Elton is an eleven year old Abyssinian, he gets to do his own thing throughout the day, but loves to pick fight with Roger. Roger is a two year old Boxer, he loves to play and enjoys long walks along the beach. I also have chooks, their names are Cherry, Snowy and Batman and they love dirt baths. After caring for the animals I also enjoy my hobbies, cooking, diving, yoga and music.


Dr Simone Flint BVSc Hons.
Dr Simone Flint BVSc Hons.
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Dr Simone Flint BVSc Hons.

I graduated from the University of Queensland in 1997, and started out my veterinary career in a specialist bird clinic. I then headed overseas and worked as a vet locum in the UK for 18 months, where I became acquainted with all manner of small furry critters, such as hamsters, chinchillas and rabbits.
After having my own family, I returned to part time work at Yeronga Vet Surgery in 2014. I love the variety of things we get to see as a veterinarian: A day can jump from a skin consult on a rat, to a dental on a cat in the space of minutes! There’s always something to keep our minds busy and engaged. I enjoy both the jigsaw puzzle of a complicated medical case and hands on surgical cases.

As well as my human family, my fur family is made up of Annie the elderly border terrier and Squirrel and Pippin, two delightful ‘ferals’ that came into the clinic as strays and we rehomed through the cat adoption program.

Outside the clinic, my passions involve keeping fit, camping, bushwalking and cycling outdoors, and music, reading, cooking and needlepoint at home.

We have an amazing team at Yeronga Vet Surgery, and absolutely wonderful clients. It is fantastic to work with beautiful patients and committed owners to get the best outcome for their pets.



Just like kids, puppies should go to school! Our puppy school runs on a Sunday morning and offers a wonderful opportunity for your new family member to meet and socailise with other puppies in a safe and controlled environment while you learn how to raise a well- mannered pup. And once your pup has graduated, Adolescence classes are available, also run on a Sunday.

YES! Ticks travel on the backs of ground dwelling marsupials that have adapted amazingly well to living in suburbia and you may not always see them, especially as they are often nocturnal. Ticks can also be brought into the backyard by anyone who has unknowingly picked up them up as `hitchhikers’ from elsewhere. The good news is that there are a number of products that can protect dogs from these potential deadly parasites.

The answer is yes and no … If you are using a harsh shampoo that may not be kind to your pets skin then yes, overshampooing can be detrimental. Human shampoos and conditioners should NOT be used on your pet. On the other hand, there are shampoos that have been specifically designed to be used up to weekly without stripping the skin of it’s protective barrier. All shampoos are best followed by a good quality pet conditioner. Shampooing with a good quality or prescription shampoo may actually be beneficial if your pet suffers from skin allergies. Ask us about the best shampoos and conditioners for your pet.

Apart from fleas, allergies to a range of things such as food, dust mites and pollens, can cause dogs and cats to scratch. Unfortunately allergies can’t be cured but they can be managed in a variety of different ways to keep your pet happy and comfortable.

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