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Radiology and Pathology

Radiology and Pathology

  • We offer Radiography and Ultrasonography.
  • On site Pathology that can provide blood results within minutes.

In performing Radiology and or Pathology exams, our vet experts can provide safe, accurate diagnosis and promptly treat the problem.

Why Radiology and Pathology are important?

– Assess facial swelling and dental problems

– Detect possible bladder infections.

Determine the location of broken bones or bone fractures

– Evaluate the status of a pet’s pregnancy

How do Radiology and Pathology being conducted?

The process for getting images or pathologic exams of your pet depends on the type of diagnostic exam that is being performed and the size of your pet. For smaller pets, imaging or X-Rays are often taken with the pet lying down in various positions that allow our vet experts to examine the problem area.

As for Pathology exam like blood tests, generally patients need to be starved before blood tests. Most patients need to have a small patch of hair shaved so that the vein can be easily seen and to allow us to clean the surface of the skin. The shaved patch will usually be on either the neck or a front leg.

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At Yeronga Vet Surgery we have a purpose built theatre for sterile surgeries as well as a separate dental suite.


Consultations are available by Appointment for all pet health concerns.


At Yeronga vet surgery we believe nutrition is at the heart of your pets good health.


We have a fully equipped dental suite including Dental Radiography.


Every Saturday we operate our Hydrobath for our canine customers!

Radiology and Pathology

We offer Radiography and Ultrasonography.

Puppy School

Puppy School runs most Sundays and is a great way to learn how to best care for you new puppy and give them an opportunity to make new friends!

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Our cattery is available 365 days of the year for either short or long stay accomodation for your feline friend.

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