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How to treat your dog’s skin allergies?
A pug sitting
Allergic skin reactions in dogs happen when the allergens are crossing directly across the skin barrier and there is an insufficient skin barrier that not only allows more allergens in but also allows increased bacterial and yeast colonisation in some cases. Clinical Signs Pruritis – Especially involves feet, ears, face, flanks, abdomen. Inflammation – The...
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What are the benefits of a Hydrobath?
Two veterinarians giving a dog a bath
Hydrobath is a combination of bathtub and power bather that uses a specially designed recirculation pump. This pump produces a high-volume mix of water and shampoo delivered powerfully enough to penetrate the thickest coats, yet gentle enough to massage the skin. This is a spa bath with health benefits, not only does it relax and...
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Itchy pets and allergic skin disease
An image showing a dogs rash in the neck
Some pets live their entire lives with healthy comfortable skin while others seem to be constantly itching. Ectoparasites such as fleas, skin infection and allergies are the 3 top reasons for pets to become itchy. While flea infestations and skin infections can be eliminated, unfortunately allergies cannot be cured. It is therefore extremely important to...
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